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The Company

Our unique objective : satisfying our client's needs

W.I.S.E. Management SA is a company created in Geneva, whose sole vocation is to advise and manage the wealth of its clients. Belonging to no group, the company stands independently free of any influence. This status means that W.I.S.E. Management SA senior executives are the only shareholders and actors of the company. 

Its also entails taking pledge that their interests and those of their clients are alike. 

To choose independence is to choose to establish a strong strategic line,  to offer a management approach adapted to the client directing him toward a shared goal. 

The company has decided to protect this liberty by vowing to uphold the highest ethical and professional conduct through its active membership in the OAR-G (organism controlled by FINMA), further guarantee of security, ethics and competence. 

This liberty has also allowed WISE to weave an international network of carefully selected partners in order to reunite complementary competences.