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All information contained in the website of W.I.S.E. Management SA are accessible only for information purposes. Not only do they not constitute an offer, but also no solicitation, moreover in a state or jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation is not permitted, or to persons to whom such an approach is illegal. The content of this site is not, and in no circumstances shall be considered, a prospectus or advertisement, and the information described in this site is not, and in no way shall be, considered an offer of titles to the public. This site does not contain all the possible information relating to the funds that could be described there. The information contained in this site refers to the more detailed information contained in the prospectus and the fund contract of each fund mentioned therein. Therefore, potential investors will only have to take into account the information contained in the prospectuses and the capital contract of each fund, which are the only ones that are authentic.

In making an investment decision, investors must perform their own analysis of the information about the investment product or fund they choose, including the information contained on this site, and so must personally consider the benefits and rewards of the investment. related risks. There is a risk that a substantial part or the entire investment in a product or fund will be lost. In addition, in the case of a fund, it may encounter difficulties or even be unable to acquire or liquidate a position because of market conditions. The possible titles mentioned in this site have not been recommended by any commission or regulatory authority. In addition, the authorities cited have neither confirmed the accuracy nor have pronounced on the relevance of the content of this site. Any statement to the contrary on this point would constitute a criminal offense

Past performance does not prejudge future results
There is no guarantee of any kind whatsoever regarding the economic return of any investment in the financial products and funds that may be described in this site, and no information given shall be construed as such a guarantee. Prospective investors should not consider the content of this site as a document containing legal, tax or financial advice. Each investor should consult his own legal, tax, financial or other advisers in order to appreciate the information contained in this site.

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Likewise, this site or part of this site does not constitute the basis of any contract or commitment. The value of investments and the return on such investments may fall as well as rise, at the risk of the investor concerned.

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